You will find your pet dog’s funny face everywhere since from opening your eyes till you leave home. Dogs win hearts with their melancholy expressions. The intelligence and patient behavior of these babies reflect gentleness. They won’t leave you alone anywhere. For a safer journey, the soft dog crates are a boon for a peaceful journey. Introduce your dog properly in the crate with necessary training. Soft dog crates for car travel are not for every dog and they don’t love it either.

The dogs love to live in an amazingly transmuted crate. It turns to be beneficial not only during traveling, in fact at home as well when the pups are not under your direct surveillance. The controlled setting for your pets will restrain the emergence of bad habits in them.

TipYou need to be aware of the age of your pet to keep them in a crate. A time limit of 3 hours or less is enough for a pup of around 4 months of age. While, the elder dogs comply with this period.

The soft dog crates for car travel are in trend with washable and durable fabrics. The pet sometimes pokes their nose out of the car window during traveling and lead to accidents. So, the crating helps in protecting them and avoids contact with unnecessary minor injuries.



The needle tickles faster and faster these days for workaholics. Your dog won’t enjoy its own company at home alone. When you have owned it, you better take the responsibilities of this companion. The work tours or vacations, your dog can’t adjust itself in the car seat. Even in air traveling, you cannot take along your pet in an open surrounding. It may try to sniff other persons which may be disgusting for some. You wouldn’t want to combat such worst things. It’s better to take your dog in its separate peaceful ‘home’ and there is the need for a crate.

A dog crate is a mobile shelter. We as a dog owner often think of why our dog should be kept in a cage as it is no different than us. When we can’t calm down our dismay then how can we expect from a speechless canine to be at ease in a dog crate. But this perspective depends on the use of the crate.

The kin of the dogs should be kept in a separate crate to avoid the battle between them during traveling. Moreover, the pets drift from their position and fall off in between the seats. The dogs find themselves in throng during the car travel and fight throughout the journey to sit steadily. You understand the need for a soft dog crates now?

The dogs being social animals can’t resist themselves from interaction with fellow pups and people. They need ‘pooping opportunities’. A longer residence in the crate can result in critical consequences. The soft, suitable, and durable dog crates are a need.


A dog crate may be a fascinating place for your pet pups and dogs. There is a consistent use of the dog crate in every home for the past few years. It is the fundamental essence for pet owners.

  • A dog crate is beneficial to develop mannered skills in your dog. It won’t peep here and there unnecessarily.
  • The pet owner is free for some moment from holding leashes all the time to keep a watch on its activities.
  • Those soft dog crates don’t occupy much space and can be molded as per your comfort in a car.
  • Crating in air friendly traveling won’t allow the dogs to capture someone’s sitting place.
  • The environment in the crate teaches the dog to be calm and obedient and comply with your dominating voices.
  • Dog’s crating life is less stressful.


The dog crate is available in varieties and the buyer should understand the type of crates for your pet’s physique and build up. The dimensions of dogs are key to select out the suitable crate. The more emphasis should be on the dog’s weight. A light-weighted crate for a heavy dog may slip off from your grip.

Proper space for sitting, standing, flipping, and roaming a bit can be the best suitable crate for pet dogs. The soft mat base secured with multiple, advanced locks is much comfortable for them.

The dog crate has availability as a plastic and wire crate. Both types of crates must have a bed with a soft towel as well. A wire crate may probably be a good preference if you often remove the crate from your car. They are portable and can be stored with an easy fold.

While the plastic crate can be fixed in your car if you want to get rid of the routine scrape. The dogs will have a permanent place in your vehicle. A crate should be a happy place to go into. The dog crates aren’t cruel anymore.

Wire crates are well ventilating than plastic crates with easily removable panels. Your pet dog gets exposure to the surroundings. The dog’s love for the soft bedroom crate is never-ending. It doesn’t create hustle in its entry but they face so many in a soft crate. Being the crate to be soft, it is not steady; the dogs feel congested due to heavy loads around its crate in your car. No privacy to the dogs. The wire crates are quite noisy in transporting.


The crating is a continuous engaging task with your dog. They won’t love it at the start but eventually, they open its heart to settle in.  When your pet dog adapts the crate environment, you can have heave of a sigh. It’s a good sign and the dog is ready to accompany you on all your vacation spots.

The dog loves its crate or not, to know this, you have to analyze and observe its energy and enthusiasm. The door of the crate opens; see if it is actively engaged to get locked. After freeing itself from the ‘cage’, see if it is playful like in ordinary days. In case, the signs show affirmation, it surely loves the soft crate you have chosen for the pup.

Usually, the retention of the puppy to enter the cage doesn’t always mean it doesn’t like its crate. There may be illness issues with the dog. Don’t misinterpret the signs anyways. The dog barks, yelps, or whines many times, then your pet needs a trainer. Don’t pressurize your dog to attract towards crating; your pet may go repulsive. Allow it to breathe, play, and move in its way.

The possessive attitude of the owner should not be ruined due to this crate. The love of dogs towards crating is a commendable thing to the owner. This is a sign that he has managed its dog’s social engagement, exercising, communication skills, training when needed, all with a perfect balance.


The dogs weigh more or less; it shouldn’t be confused with the age of the dog. An older dog may weigh less and new dog brat may weigh more. Here are the varieties for dog crates you can check out according to the size and weight of your dog:

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

Product Name: 2PET Foldable Dog Crate -Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Product Description: The dog crate by 2pet is the best choice among the customers with excellent reviews. The fascinating color availability of the crate is a plus. The carrier grip is the finest in this crate. You can miles in years with this adhering crate with your dog with the same environment. A crate with a classic look and can be folded for travel purposes.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Style & Color
  • Dog Friendly


This dog crate is fascinating because of the zipper opening comfort. A light-weighted steel tube is fitted to keep away the crease and for keeping its shape intact. The fabric of the crate is not harsh on their skin. The crate is open from all the dimensions to easily allow airflow and sunlight exposure.



  • Reusable and washable fabric
  • Zipper opening comfort
  • All-in-one foldable crate
  • Proper space for ventilation
  • Steel tube design
  • Adaptable to pet skin


  • Not for heavy dogs
  • Avoidable for chewing pups


Aspen pet porter heavy-duty kennel

The Aspen dog crate is designed for dogs weighing up to 90 lbs. The Aspen kennel is friendlier for air traveling. It meets all the requirements for a perfect grip and is provided proper spots for ventilation. The heavy-duty kennel is designed as a single gauzy door and protective from rainwater as well. This is not a soft crate yet considered for traveling purposes. It is best suitable for parent dogs.

  • More spacious
  • Friendly for air traveling
  • All essentials provided
  • Ventilation space
  • Durable grip handle
  • No rear ventilation
  • Plastic is thinner

Maelson, Soft Kennel/Carrier 120 - Black/Tan

The Maelson products have designed this beautiful with heavy-duty tight mesh fabric. It is durable for dogs weighing around 70 pounds. The setup takes seconds to ready to go. The best thing is it has rounded corners with perfect décor and interior designs for pups and medium-sized dogs. All the sides of the crate are covered with net fencing.

  • Waterproof premium fabric
  • Easy fold
  • Seat belt straps
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • No reported issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I saw somewhere that the zippers are metal. Does that make it more ‘chew-proof’?

The soft dog crates are not for scratchers and chewing pups. Zippers mainly constitute metal, wire, or plastic but the soft crates are made up of plastic only and won’t work for gnawers. The use of metal in zippers won’t make it chew-proof either. Continuous chewing will damage it. Soft dog crates won’t last long and you may lose interest in the product. Before buying, go through the product description that will be advantageous. We suggest you look for hard-sided crate.

For how long does a soft crate durable for pets?

Usually, the dog crate comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturers. The rest of the durability depends on how well you use the product. If you put in a heavy weighing dog instead of what size is recommended for that particular crate that would be a challenge to the strength of the crate. The crate will be destroyed before the warranty period only.

A period of 5-6 years is a minimum time to use it mannerly. We would request you to read the instructions carefully if you are a beginner in the dog crating.

Can this dog carrier be secured with a seat belt in the back seat of your car?

You won’t find any hooks in these foldable soft dog crates to attach with the car’s seat belt. It is difficult to keep the crate steady at the back seat. However, you will have to apply manual methods or ideas to attach a string to the crate, if you really want your dog to be seated on the sitting place. We suggest you place the crate in between the seats at the back of your car and adjust your front seat slightly back.

How does the shoulder strap work?

There is no technical approach in the use of the shoulder strap. When you receive the crate box, assemble it for proper arrangement. Probably, shoulder strap still might not be in the perfect fit for holding the crate. There is a slider along the strap which you can loose or tighten accordingly.

Will the medium size work 26 pounds pugs?

We think the medium size will be suitable for your pug. The crate must be spacious enough for pug’s movement and eating essentials as well. But we strongly recommend considering the size chart for measurements.

Final thoughts

The necessity of the dog’s bedroom is a common understanding. The dog crates are mobile home for transporting the pets anywhere. A perfect sized dog with an appropriate recommended crate is the best choice. You can take your pet along whether it is a car traveling or air traveling, the dog crates are permitted everywhere. The suggested crates are easily adaptable by your dogs provided with the best safety features.

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