Best Water Conditioner For Fish – Buying Guide 2020

Superior water quality is the basis of a healthy and beautiful aquarium or fishbowl. As pet fish owners, you all must know that the use of a water conditioner is extremely important to make the water in the bowl or aquarium fish-friendly. The tap water used in the fish pots is treated with chemicals like chlorine and have negative effects on the health of your fish. Thus, the use of water conditioners is crucial for the well being and long life of your fish.

The best water conditioner is the one that neutralizes the harmful chemicals and metals present in water thereby making it safe for your fish. Disinfecting the water, making the water free of harmful pathogens and algae, protecting the slime coat of fish, and adding required supplements to water are other key features of a perfect water conditioner. Here are my top 3 picks for the best water conditioner for your pet fish which I tried on my fish!

Reasons why you need a water conditioner for your fishbowl

Best Water Conditioner For Fish

Generally, fish pet owners use tap water for their fishbowls. The tap water is treated by the local municipalities to make it fit for human consumption before its supply to your homes. This is because the water may contain germs and bacteria that are harmful to humans. Chemicals like chlorine and chloramine are used as disinfectants to make the water free of any dangerous substance. This process makes the water suitable for drinking and other domestic purposes. However, when you use the same treated and chemical-based water in your fishbowl, it will injure the gills of your fish by reducing its oxygen intake.

Chlorine gets attracted to the fish gills and sticks to it. This reduces the life span of your fish by damaging its gills. Thus, a water conditioner is used to reduce the effect of chlorine and other chemicals present in tap water and make it free of any chemical injurious to your fish.

Benefits of a water conditioner

Since the chemical-based tap water is deadly for your fish, you need an effective solution to make it fish-friendly. Major benefits of water conditioners are:

Neutralizes chemicals like chlorine and ammonia

Chemicals are present in the tap water in large quantities. They are very dangerous for fish gills and a water conditioner helps you get rid of them. A water conditioner mainly breaks the chloramines bond and detoxifies deadly chemicals like ammonia. It also neutralizes chlorine and other heavy metals like lead and copper present in tap water.

Acts as a disinfectant

Tap water is unfiltered water. Germs and bacteria are present in tap water. These pathogens may cause an infection, diseases, and other health problems to your pet fish. A water conditioner acts as a disinfectant by killing microbes and bacteria. Thus, adding water conditioner to a new fish pot or aquarium and every time you change its water makes it safe and healthy for your fish.

Other benefits

Some water conditioners add minerals and vitamins to the fishbowl or aquarium water as they are deficient in tap water. These minerals and vitamins present in water conditioners are mostly to boost the health, activeness, and breeding capacity of your fish. Water conditioners also prevent algae growth in fish tanks and removal of slime coat from fish skin.

Directions of using a water conditioner

Most pet fish owners use water conditioner every time they set up a new fishbowl or aquarium. The use of water conditioners is also important every time you change the water of the fishbowl or aquarium. This is because fresh tap water is added to the fish pot which needs to be treated and made safe for your fish. Sometimes the water of the fish tank evaporates and requires partial filling. In such cases as well a water conditioner has to be used.

The quantity of water conditioner that is to be added depends on the number of fish you own and the gallons of water present in your aquarium or fishbowl. For example, one drop of a particular water conditioner is required for 5 gallons of water. You must carefully read the directions to use the water conditioner and precautions to be taken as printed on the package before actually adding it. Adding in a small amount won’t give you the desired results whereas adding more than the required amount may harm your fish.

Buying Guide For a Water Conditioner

  • It must be a dechlorinator as chlorine is present in a large quantity in tap water.
  • Water conditioners must neutralize chloramines which contain ammonia.
  • It must purify water and make it germ and bacteria-free.
  • The presence of minerals and vitamins is an added advantage.
  • It is even better if the product controls the growth of algae.
  • Water conditioners that restore slime and reduce fish stress are preferable.
  • Maintenance of the ph balance of water as required by your fish is essential.
  • It shouldn’t have any side effects on your fish.

The best water conditioner will have a perfect combination of all or majority of the abovementioned considerations. The more benefits a water conditioner has, the more preferable it is for your pet fish and the environment inside your fish tank.

Top 3 Best Water Conditioners For Fish Water Bowls


API TAP Water Conditioner

Product Name: API Tap Water Conditioner

Product Description: My top pick is the API Tap Water Conditioner. If you’re looking for chlorine as well as chloramine neutralizer then this is the best water conditioner for your fishbowl or aquarium. It removes heavy metals from the water thereby protecting your fish. It can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. I would suggest this product as it thoroughly cleans the water and maintains healthy and standard water quality. The fish-friendly environment created by this product will make your fish lively and more active.

  • Cleaning
  • Concentration
  • Variety


This product is suitable for many fish breeds. It is a highly concentrated solution so it is advisable to use it following the instructions provided on the packaged bottle. It is proven to be the best product that prevents and heals fish wounds and diseases, keeps a check on the growth of algae, and aids in the growth of healthy bacteria.  I would highly recommend this product as it is the most reviewed product in the market and all in one solution to all your aquarium water problems.



Detoxifies chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals

Prevents and cures fish diseases

Controls algae growth

Enhances water quality

Creates hospitable conditions for the fish

Affordable and long-lasting


Highly concentrated for small aquariums and fishbowls


Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner

Product description: Next on my top picks is Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner. Like an ideal water conditioner, this product also detoxifies chlorine, ammonia, and other heavy metals from the tap water. Stress reduction in fish is a striking feature of this product. Using this product will not only clean fish tank water but also make its environment favorable for your fish. If you observe that the slime coat on the skin, gills, and fins of your fish has been worn away either due to excessive netting or the playful nature of your fish, then Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner is the best product for your fish. Wearing away of the natural slime coat makes your fish prone to infections and diseases.

Using this water conditioner will help in the reformation of the natural protective slime coat on the skin of your fish and protect the fish from any kind of disease or injury. Make sure you get a sealed bottle of this product.

  • Neutralizes chlorine, ammonia, and dangerous chemicals

  • Stress reduction

  • Natural slime restoration

  • Protects fish from infections

  • Reasonable in price

  • Creates a layer of foam in some cases

  • Cap is not watertight so conditioner may leak

Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner

Product description: My third best pick is the Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner. It is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishbowls and tanks. It enhances the water quality by reducing pollution in the aquarium and making the water clear. Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and harmful metals present in water making it fish friendly.

This water conditioner strengthens the slime coat of your fish making it more protective. It helps in curing the fish wounds and infections. I would recommend this product mainly because it adds a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that are lacking in tap water but are useful for the good health of your fish. These added nutrients enhance activeness, vivacity, and breeding of your fish. It also has biopolymers that boost the growth of beneficial filter bacteria. You can definitely try this product if you want a healthy, nutritious, and safe environment for your fish.

  • Removes chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals

  • Enhancement of natural slime coat of fish

  • Adds beneficial minerals and vitamins to the water

  • Creates a healthy and protective environment in the fish tank

  • Reduction of pollution and clearing water

  • Expensive

  • Non-concentrate formula

  • Difficult to assess the optimum amount as per the water quantity

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