How to take care of a fish in a bowl?

Fish are one of the most popular pets of humans. They can be kept either in an aquarium or a fish bowl. Many fish owners prefer to keep their fish in a bowl than in comparatively large aquariums. Owning a fish bowl is the best solution when you want to enjoy the presence of a beautiful fish at your home or workplace but you’re falling short of adequate space. So How to take care of a fish in a bowl? Let us now look into the basic things that you must consider as a fish bowl owner.

What should be the size of the bowl?

The size of the bowl must be suitable for the size of the fish breed and the number of fish you want to pet. The bowl shouldn’t be too big or very small. It should be of optimum size and the best person to tell you about it is your fish pet store owner. As the fish grows in size too, so over the years, the bowl shouldn’t get congested for it. Thus, considering the growing size of the fish, you should purchase a slightly bigger bowl. The size of the bowl usually ranges from ½ gallon to 3 gallons. You can pick a size that suits your fish the best.

How to use the new fish bowl?

How to take care of a fish in a bowl?

After you’ve got your perfect fish bowl, you shouldn’t hurry to add fresh water to it directly. Firstly you must wash it with warm water and salt. Avoid using any soap or bleach on the new fish pot. Now take an approximate amount of tap water which you want to add to your fish pot. Let it age by leaving it overnight or treating it with conditioner. Tap water is chemically treated so this process will remove chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to your fish. You also need to make sure that the temperature of water in the fish pot is warmer than water at room temperature. The temperature mostly depends on the breed of fish you own. Your fish pet store guy would be the best person to tell you about this.

For example, it should be somewhere between 72 and 82 degrees F when you own a tropical fish. Further, add the water to the fish bowl after its temperature is optimum and add a few drops of conditioner or disinfectant as well.

What are the other requirements of the fish bowl?

There are multi-colored gravels, stones, and rocks available at your nearest fish pet store. You can also find artificial plants, algae as well as shells. These decorations will make the fish pot more attractive and give you fish the feel of its natural habitat. Make sure to purchase these things keeping in mind the breed and size of your fish. The pot shouldn’t be overcrowded with these ornate substances as it may cut down the oxygen level for your fish. Always wash these artificial plants and gravels before adding them to your fish pot. Place them carefully inside the bowl before adding the fish. Now decide an appropriate place for the fish bowl. A fish bowl occupies a small space and can be kept in any room. You can choose to keep it in your living room, study room, office, or even in the bedroom.

How to put fish in the fish bowl?

The fish pet shop owner will give you your selected fish in a plastic bag filled with water. You must keep in mind that the temperature of the water in the plastic bag won’t be the same as of water in your fish bowl. So you need to place the plastic bag containing the fish in the fish bowl for 1 to 2 hours. This will alter the temperature of the water in the plastic bag as per water in the fish pot and make the fish accustomed to it. This step is extremely important before adding a new fish to the fish pot.

Your fish might not be able to adjust to the new conditions of the fish pot if you directly put it inside. So follow this step and after an hour or two carefully open the plastic bag and let the fish swim its way to its new home, the fish bowl.

How to feed your fish?

You need to buy fish food suitable for your fish breed from the local pet store near you. The store owner will let you know the quantity of food and the times you need to feed your fish. Generally, you should feed your fish twice a day in small quantities or only once in a slightly more quantity. But never make your fish overeat. Feeding your fish more than its body requirement will only increase filth in your fish pot and you’ll have to change the water more frequently.

How to clean the fish bowl?

Cleaning of the fish bowl regularly is essential to maintain hygiene and perfect health condition of your fish. Most fish pot owners clean their fish pots once every week. So, if the water in the pot looks unclear and you can observe waste settling at the bottom, it is an indication that your fish pot needs cleaning. For cleaning your fish pot, you must take room temperature water in a plastic vessel or bucket and add a few drops of disinfectant to it. Now, you need to use the net to take out your fish and transfer it to the vessel or bucket. Further, you have to drain out the water of the fish pot in your sink. Take out the rocks, gravels, and plants and wash them carefully. Make sure the gravels do not fall otherwise your sink pipe may choke.

Now add fresh water to the fish pot and drain it out again. Softly scrub the fish bowl using warm water and salt. Wash it again and add fresh water to it. Place the rocks, gravels, and artificial plants back and transfer your fish to the cleaned fish bowl after adding some conditioner. Repeat the process every time you clean your fish bowl.

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